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A resume is the frontline of your personal branding. An employer wants to know what kinds of problems you can solve, what values you can bring in. Powered by state-of-the-art AI technology, we are here to help you refine your resume by building the content to tell a compelling story about your experience that are most relevant to your dream job.

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OSCR helps you to write a compelling profile that captures your success and career highlights tailored to your audience.

Key Features

Valet editing

Let go of the hassle of editing the resume yourself! OSCR helps you update your content automatically with our patent-pending state-of-the-art natural language processing technology. 

Maximize opportunity

You are your own product manager. Narrate your accomplishments authentically but also lavishly. OSCR helps you turn your resume into a well-crafted value prop for your expertise with recommendations from top-of-the-pile profiles.

 Easy comparison

Check your resume against the requirements of your dream jobs. Tout your experiences that are most relevant! OSCR helps you decode those requirements and appeal to what really matters.

Resume Editing should be easy

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We craft the language with you

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We organize for your specializations 

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We share success factors

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